Team Building Activities Malaysia

Team Building Activities Malaysia

Looking for the *BEST* team building activities in Malaysia? A team building is not just about games and activities, it’s about how to relate the games, the conflicts, the communication and activities during the team building session into memorable and applicable lessons. There are many team building providers out there but selecting one that will give the best impact is the tricky part.

Our Team Building Session

Continue reading if you want a Team Building session with an impact like this.

Sales Ninja has its own internal team building session every quarter where it is led by each staff through a random selection. The staff in charged will be known as the SHOGUN where he or she must organize and plan the whole team building event on a budget given. The important thing is the activity must be related to improvements and our goals.

Team Building on Q3 2013

It is Q3 2013 now and the SHOGUN this round is Crystal our Sales Ninja Hunter. It was on Friday, 30th September 2013 that everyone was told to gather at the archery range in Sunway Pyramid at 10am.


Sales Ninjas at 10am

We were split into teams of 2 and the winners of the team building activity is decided by the overall performance of the team.

The Game

The game was very intense as everyone’s skills on archery is different and some can shoot better than others. However, we kept helping, supporting each other to improve.

With guidance and coaching, Lee our Sales Ninja Warrior actually improved so much on the second and third game that he was hitting the bulls eye so frequently


Sales Ninja Lee Kok Wai, our top performer overall

It was a competitive game as each one of us were trying to beat each other’s score. But when it was our team mates turn to shoot, we cheered, shouted and supported each and everyone of them regardless of the team.

After The Game

After the game, we had lunch at Nandos and had a good and fulfilling lunch. Once the plate was cleared, it was feedback time.

Each one of us are required to review the items below about the activity

-Lessons learnt during the activity
-How can you apply these lessons to your work?
-What is good about the SHOGUN in this?
-How can the SHOGUN improve?

Some of the feedbacks received were

” Although you start well during the game, it does not mean that you will end well… In work, it is important to keep the momentum and not slack because if you do, you will not end well and not hit your target”

“Improvement and support. When I did not shoot well in the beginning, through improvement and support from team mates, I did better. In work, I need to improve fast to be independent and do better as I am still new at this job”

“Activity selected for the team building was good as it relates to our sales target and company goal. We need to aim for the bulls eye and work hard to achieve it. Item to be improved was the team is, team is uneven as we have 3 on one team and 4 on the other. Since the game requires pairs to shoot at the same time, there will be someone who is left out to shoot alone at the last round. It might be better if everyone gets to shoot together


Sales Ninja first group photo

End of our Team Building

It was a good, exciting and learning session for all of us. During the activity, we’ve learnt

-How to take a role as a SHOGUN to organize and lead the whole team building session
-Relating the activity to our work life
-Giving feedbacks on what is good and what can be improved
-Competition is good in order for you to perform better
-Supporting team mates is important
-and more!


Sales Ninja taking photos again

Your Team Building

How has your team building been? Has it been just games after games with no relevant and important lessons to be learnt? If you have been in many team buildings in the past but can’t remember what lessons you have learnt, then it has not been effective.

If you want an *IMPACTFUL* and unconventional Team Building session for you and your team, Sales Ninja have done it many times and we can do it for you too.

Contact us here to know more about our impactful and unconventional Team Building Activities for your team 



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