Special Report: Global Brand Forum Malaysia III

Last two weeks, we covered marketing gems from Jim Stengel, the former global marketing chief officer that handles a $8 Billion advertising budget for P&G and S Karthik, the Chairman of Global Brand Forum, Dato Sri Tony Fernandez, CEO of Asia’s largest low fare airline AirAsia & Joanne Ooi, Creative Director of Shanghai Tang, the only Chinese luxury brand.

This week, I’ll share with you the secrets of Steward Butterfield, co-founder flickr.com. Oliver Stone, renowned Filmmaker and Martin Lindstrom, branding guru.

Here are the notes for your marketing inspiration, they are all in point forms and I won’t be translating them into articles, find the gems. Enjoy…

Steward Butterfield, co-founder flickr.com
Flickr.com is one of the largest websites in the world.
Steward was listed in Businessweek’s Top 50 Leaders in 2005 and TIME’s 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2006.

> Create a vision. Flickr.com is the eyes of the world.
> 15 minutes before CNN broadcast the bombing, photos already up. Power of the internet.
> Brands are cult-like. They attract followers.
> People want brands to take a stand. They want to believe that stand.
> Which is more important… the product or the promise?
> Product leads… because it will deliver the promise.
> Distribution is the new advert. People are talking, they are communicating your brand.
> Good or bad depends on your delivery.
> Bloggers are powerful, but they will not replace traditional means.

Oliver Stone, renowned Filmmaker
Won three Academy awards and written, directed and produced many popular masterpieces.

> Brand is a series. Eg: James Bond movies. They want your following.
> True intention of the brand is to make you feel comfortable. Make you feel familiar so you buy.
> Products must be consistent. People will be pissed if your products are not consistent.
> Fear sells. Media sells fear. You can also sell fear. I launch Natural Born Killers movie. Horror movies is all about fear.
> What’s scary is the fear inside of us. We must declare war on this fear so we are no longer manipulated.

> People like to conform. People like to conform to the norm. Be different to stand out
> Throughout history, all great empires fall. Whether it’s Rome or the US.
> Understand something, all great empires are built on blood. It hasn’t changed.
> Terrorism can only be fought by education, not just money or technology.
> In politics, the textbook tactic is to spread fear then make a promise to help them, that gets you a vote.
> Many acts of heroism are unseen. If seen, they are rewarded. Look out for the unseen ones.
> Good stories sell in films or marketing. Content, content, content.

Martin Lindstrom, branding guru.
Author of his new book Buyology, a respected branding expert.

> Human beings do things irrationally. Eg: Touch wood, being superstitious., the number 4., Friday 13th.
> There are many indirect ways to build brands.
> There is a craving spot in our brains called Nucleus accumbens.
> The more we focus on something, we more we want it.
> Not effective, Smoking is bad. If only words are used, the more people will smoke.
> Associating with power brands will help you.

> We are all selling rocks. We are all the same. We need to put a story to it. Eg: Rock from the moon.
> Brands own categories.
> White earphone – ipod. Cowboys = Marlboro. Toblerone chocolate shape.
> You can own shapes, picture, language, name, smell, icons, service, numbers, rituals, navigation, sound.
> Brands are like religion. It builds followers.
> Brands must have a clear vision. Brands must have an enemy. Brands must have a story.
> Brands must have mystery. Brands must have a sense of belonging. Brands must have rituals.

That’s the end of the special report on Global Brand Forum. I’ll be in Shanghai till the 27. Will be in the lookout for some great sales tactics that Chinese use and share with you in the next issues. Happy Chinese New Year to all Chinese, wishing all a prosperous new year.

Until then, to more sales… with less effort!

Sales Ninja Grandmaster

// Special Report from Global Brand Forum III
// By Hanzo Ng, Sales Ninja Grandmaster

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