Special Report: Global Brand Forum Malaysia I

Invited to Global Brand Forum Malaysia on Dec 4 & 5 2008. Here are some notes for your marketing inspiration, they are all in point forms and I won’t be translating them into articles, find the gems. Also Happy New Year, and may the sales warriors arise in the tough year ahead – cheers!

S Karthik, Chairman, Global Brand Forum

> There are lots of big companies with small brands.
> Either become a brand or a commodity.
> Asia companies love to copy, copy cheaper and make lots of it.
> Must have the ability to think of the intangibles.
> Every luxury is from the west.
> Inventor or copier? Innovation or imitation?
> Asians need to raise their standard, shift their paradigms.

Speaker 01, Jim Stengel – former global marketing chief officer that handles a $8 Billion advertising budget for P&G

> Brand & good ideas can stand turbulent times.
> Brand = collective intention of the people.
> Brand must be motivated by employees first.
> Why not brand building? Business is now a short term game. It’s more complex. CEOs need to make money, brands need money to build. CMOs focus on ‘promotions’ because it generate sales.
> Brand ideals is like a mission/purpose/philosophy eg. Making peoples’ life better

> Inclusive marketing = including staffs through training & Culture.
> When ever I meet corporate leaders I always ask them, what can P&G learn from you? Eg: Ask Nike CMO, Tesco CEO.
> Buys book and give to staffs for development. Leaders are readers.
> Pampers, from napkin to helping mothers help develop their children.
> Buy pampers – save a life > cause marketing strategy.

> Highest ROI of any marketing is word-of-mouth. Involves digital efforts + PR.
> Companies will survive because of focusing on the right thing & long term. Profitability in the short term will kill your profits in the long term.

> P&G biggest success is getting the executives out of office & engages the customers like doing shopping with them or goes to their home and watches them do their chores.

> Founder of the brand always have an Ideal behind it. Normally executives mess it up.
> Must have superior product experience for brand building.
> Switching staffs is good, eg. Google staffs come to P&G and vice versa.
> If you are a challenger brand against market leader, ask yourself, where are you different and where are you the same?
> For service companies, people are the brands.
> Always start inside before shouting to the public. Meaning, always train the staffs  about  a set of behaviors that is aligned with the brand before launching any marketing campaigns.

Next issue — Dato Seri Tony Fernandez, CEO AirAsia & Joanne Ooi, Creative Director Shanghai Tang

Until then, to more sales… with less effort!

Sales Ninja Grandmaster

// Special Report from Global Brand Forum 01
// By Hanzo Ng, Sales Ninja Grandmaster

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