Sales Team Building

What Is Sales Ninja Unity?

Sales Ninja Unity is a Silver Belt 2 days 1 night unique and highly challenging team building training based on the philosophy of Ninjutsu – the ancient warrior martial arts practiced by the Ninjas. This training is designed to help your company to build deeper relationships with each other and also to help each other succeed as one team.

What Will I Get From This Training?

Cultivate the spirit of one team – to win together and let go of individualistic self-centered mindsets and behaviors and think about the company, the department and then self rather than thinking about self, then the department, then the company.

Develop the culture of support and encouragement among the departments.

Increase sales leadership capabilities through the challenging activities.

One of our Sales Teambuilding client – HOYA CORPORATION!

Besides Hoya Corporation, we also have done sales teambuilding for other clients. Watch some of the videos here:

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