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What is Sales Ninja SERVICE?

Delivering good service is no longer enough, we need to deliver great service to our customers. Being in a competitive environment where product differentiation is little, other differentiation will have to come from service. How we communicate our reply when the customers complain is service. What to do when the product fails when we have promised our customer the durability of the product is service. How we deal with these critical situations will project how well our service level is. By providing great customer service, re-selling to existing customers will be much easier.


Great customer services give you an armor to protect against price wars and customer loyalty. Sales Ninja service is people skills.

Most companies expect their team to provide great service to their customers but are the team trained in giving the expected outcome? Providing a Sales Ninja service is not merely a motto but it’s delivered through actions to the customers.

And that comes with great amount of training in philosophy, strategies and tactics.

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