Sales & Start ups goes hand in hand.

Sales & Start ups goes hand in hand.

Blame successful startup business that has grazed technology and usefulness in everyday life. Create an app or a social phenomenon towards the millennial and you’re instantly rich!

So of course, everyone jumps into the bandwagon of start-up business in the hopes that they could be lifted off from their mundane social circle to the high “baler” life. Sadly no one sees how hard it is to run a business, forgetting about the struggles that each start-up owners goes through!

Its not a walk in a park where all start-up owners just glide through. Working at odd hours and getting minimal sleep to none just to make sure it functional its just one of the things every start-up need to endure! So salute to those that struggled and made it to the top!

OTHER NEWS: “90% of Startups FAIL!”

Essentially in every startup business, they would have a few coder, the socialist and those with the money! But little do they know that with every product and service that you push out to the market you need to SELL it!

Therefore one of the key ingredient is their team member ability to SELL their product or services!

One of the most underrated department is the Sales Department. This department that brings in all the money to a company, and yes, it has been overlooked. Bosses don’t value it and the sales department are the first in line to get shoot at when it comes to bad revenue!

Why is sales important?

👊 Customer Retention

When you have a group of loyal buyers, start up businesses need to be able to hold on to these loyal customers so that they can up sell or even cross-sell different products from the business organization. A personal interaction between the customers and the start up businesses is important.

Excellent sellers are those that not only generate sales to the start up businesses but also create a long lasting customer relationship between the two to keep the customers well-informed and well-taken care of in terms of their needs and wants.

These can be done by follow-up, setting up appointments or lunch/dinner meet-ups is one of the way to expand your business further.

👊 New prospects & business opportunities

To be able to get new prospects or business opportunities, a start up businesses need their staff to be able to go out and meet up new prospects through networking or cold calling & ultimately convert them to buyers.

Majority of the companies out there, will definitely not heard of your company and what you do. That’s when a seller is important. They are the one directly that interact with prospects, ask questions, sell benefits, tackle objections, encourage to buy and build relationship!

Something that a lot of start up businesses miss out on. A seller only has this ability!

👊 Investing in sales

The most unfortunate event for sellers or the sales department is that start up businesses under-invest in them. A majority ignore the fact that being a seller, they need to constantly upgrade their skills to beat the other competitors.

These skill sets aren’t easy to obtain, it need years of experience to be able to push forward something that even veterans aren’t aware of. With the fast-pace industry that can change overnight with “one day you’re in, the next day you’re out!” ~Que in Kodak~

Honestly, can any start up businesses coped with this? You can succeed with all the a great platform or business but if any start-up business do not SELL SELL SELL their products or services. Then you will lose out of the rat race!

Reward & Train your seller and stay-up-to-date with current trends with the sales world during these tough times.

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