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Sales Ninja’s Background…

Located in Malaysia, The Sales Ninja Group is one of Asia’s fastest growing and most impactful Sales Training and Seminar company providing the latest mindset breakthrough programs and professional selling skills to transform every sales people into the ultimate sales professionals known as Sales Ninjas.

We have trained small groups of 10 with critical selling skills to mesmerizing huge crowd of 1000 with our platform speaking abilities.

Having trained thousands of business and sales professionals, Sales Ninja training has impacted people from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Indonesia and Middle East. Sales Ninja offers Public Training as well as In-House Trainings.

What Happened To One Of Our Staff…

At 11am on 2 May 13, I had my laptop upgraded from 2gig to 8 gig of RAM. I had to upgrade it because 2gig of RAM is not enough for me to run all my word processing, Photoshop, Outlook, browser, and etc… It cost me RM270. But, the difference in PC speed after the upgrade has improved tremendously. It is much smoother and I can do my work faster and more efficiently.

Do you think you need to upgrade your sales skills as well? Is your current sales skill level outdated like my 2gig of RAM? Is it slowing you down and you are not making progress? Maybe it is time to upgrade… The problem is, the longer you wait, the longer the skills will be obsolete… Now can be the time to invest in your skills upgrade so that you can sell more efficiently and get MORE sales.

We Have Helped THOUSANDS of Sales Professionals…

Sales Ninja prides in training unconventional sales methods. We train sales techniques using the ancient martial arts techniques and will capture your buyers attention and lead to sales closing with less effort. We have testimonials of participants who have improved their sales using the Sales Ninja’s techniques.

My selling and persuasion power has improved dramatically after applying the Sales Ninja Secrets shared by Hanzo. One of the many great breakthroughs I now have is I have been able to get appointments with EVEN the difficult prospects who said that they had been approached for the same or similar products/service. If you are in sales, imagine how learning this secret alone will help you to increase your sales and income not mentioning many other powerful secrets and Sales Ninja techniques! I highly recommend Hanzo Ng ONLY if you REALLY, REALLY want (NOT merely wish) to dramatically improve your sales results and income NOW (NOT tomorrow, next year, etc)!”
Sean Teng, Business & Training Consultant

“Since I completed the Sales Ninja course and actively apply what I have learnt from Hanzo, I have improved my sales bottom line and increased it by more than 300% in just 3 months! Thank you Hanzo sifu!”
Moonshi Mohsenruddin, Founder & CEO, CommGate Inc.

What You Need To Do Now…

We have trained participants ranging from Managing Directors, Senior Managers, Managers to Sales Executives. Check out our upcoming Public Trainings and don’t miss out on our early bird price.

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