Don’t show up in any sales presentation doing this.

Don’t show up in any sales presentation doing this.

Not many sellers knows that it is tough to present to a group of people or key decision makers. They believed that all they need is just vast product knowledge and just wing it without any preparation at all.

But honestly, you can never not be prepared during a presentation.

You need to do research about the company that you are going to present to and be prepared to face tough queries and uninterested faces. When you fail during a sales presentation, you will leave a bad after taste of not only you but the brand that you carry.

You are already in your potential office, you secure that appointment, but then you arrive to the potential office unprepared, untrained and unsure. That is bad!

Seriously, don’t show up in any sales presentation doing this!

Never ask question.

One thing that most sellers do is that sellers did not probe further and understand what your potential wants. You just blab away and talked about what you think they want. When you don’t ask question you won’t be able to know what their concerns is and which ultimately results to the inability to communicate to your potentials effectively.

You don’t sell the benefits.

Instead of talking about the benefits of the products or services that your potential can get. You go on listing about the general information of your product which the potentials knows. You do not talk about how beneficial and why is important the product to the potentials.

You avoid objections.

Your potentials give you multitude of objections from price, product differentiation to even budget constraint. Instead of understanding their objections and answering them one by one, you turn a deaf ear and continue talking about something that is unrelated to their needs. Addressing their concerns and issues is very crucial so that both parties can understand the value they both bring to the table.

Never catch the buying signals.

You’re half way done with your sales presentation, your potential is very interested and is showing the body language that he is interested or even throwing words at you. You didn’t catch it well enough because you have an untrained eye & ears. You then did not even ask the potential if they are “interested” or “should we go to the next step”

Poor relationship building.

A robot seller is a lousy seller. You talk too much on technicality that you forgot to build a work relationship with them. Trust me, potentials get bored easily if you do not build a relationship with them. You need to be observant and explore around the potential office and most probably you will be able to catch what they are into.

Never follow up.

The most important thing that 70% of sellers failed is their inability to follow up with their potentials after the sales presentation. You didn’t give them a call to ask them their thoughts for your next step.

Sales is not as easy as ABC but if you learn all the tricks you will be able to close sales as easy as 123.

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