Sales Person Helped Me Save RM400 In 3 Seconds

Sales Person Helped Me Save RM400 In 3 Seconds

I went to Coach recently to check out their clearance sale. My wife was specifically looking to replace her old wristlet.

As we entered the shop, the sales person greeted us and showed us the products. I went to the men’s section and checked out the wallets. One wallet caught my attention and the sales person said, since you wife is getting 2 products already, you are entitled to RM400 discount for this wallet!

I replied hesitantly

” No it’s okay, I’m not really looking to buy this wallet.. it’s over my budget”

I placed the wallet back and was ready to pay for my wife’s items and the sales person asked again,

“Are you sure you don’t want to get the wallet? You’re getting a really good discount and I’m helping you save RM400!

I bought the wallet.

It got my attention

Her statement that I will be saving RM400 caught my attention. Although it sounds funny because I have to pay for the wallet even after the discount but here’s why I think it worked.

She thought about my benefits. She put it in a way that I will be saving that amount of money instead of focusing on the price that I will have to pay for the wallet. She is showing the benefits I would get when I buy the wallet. In Sales Ninja MASTER, one of the skills you will learn is Selling Benefits where the buyers will end up begging to buy from you. Learn how to EFFECTIVELY Sell Benefits here.

Sales Person Followed Up Aggressively

Just before I paid for my wife’s items, the sales person followed up again and tried to close the sale on the wallet. It was effective. If she did not ask me again, I would not have bought the wallet.

Ironically, buyers appreciate aggressive sales people. I’m not talking about pushy or annoying sales people. But skilled aggression in sales is a trait that many sales people do not have. Reasons why sales people do not follow up aggressively is because they are scared to disturb the buyer or they are afraid of calling so frequently because they might be rejected.

There is a technique of being aggressive in sales like how often should you call to follow up and how to create needs. In Sales Ninja HUNTER, you’ll learn these technique to be the Top Hunter where you’ll learn Untold Techniques to capture your target. More details on Sales Ninja HUNTER here.

She Made It Urgent

Another reason what made me buy the wallet was the urgency that the sales person created. She mention that I was entitled to the RM400 discount because I bought another 2 items and if I miss it, I will never get that discount again unless I buy another 2 items.

She successfully created urgency for me to buy the wallet or miss this chance for life! She went in for the close. In sales, you need to go for the close. To learn how to close effectively, Sales Ninja TACTICS is the best training you should attend. Most sales people do not dare to go for the close because they fear that buyers might get offended. Sales Ninja TACTICS will train you to go for the close and capture that sale! Buyers will be all ready to shake your hand and sign that agreement once you learn these techniques. More Closing Techniques here.

These area really simple techniques that can be used anytime when dealing with buyers. You need to sell benefits, follow up and create urgency. Another thing to note is, buyers appreciate aggressive and skillful sales people. Try these skills today!

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