Sales Motivation Tips – The Best Never Rest

The Best Never Rest

This is the tagline from the movie Red 2.

Why this tagline caught my attention was because it is somewhat true. What differentiates the best from the rest is, they do things differently than everyone else.  If you have noticed, some of the public figures, actors, friends, celebrities stand out among their peers is because they are different.

Likewise, if you want to be the best, you need to be different than your peers. In sales, you have competition everywhere. Even your own colleagues are your competitors. In that sense, you are practically all alone.

So, how do you be the best? Again, from the tagline “The Best Never Rest”

The Best Pursue Until They Buy

Some sales people have leads but do not follow through. They call and follow up once or twice. But later forget all about this customer and move on to their other customers. If you want to be the best, get a good follow up system that you can refer to when you make your follow up. Don’t stop until your buyers buy!

The Best Go Beyond

Most sales people stop doing any sales activity when they meet their sales target. They slow down and relax until the next month because they are already ‘safe’ from their sales target and bosses will not question them and ask them for updates. While this is true, you are limiting your capabilities. The best will go beyond their sales target to get more sales and make more money.

The Best Continue Learning

Mistakes or wrong sales pitch which turns off the buyer can be demotivating to any sales person. The mistake that most sales people do after that is to run away and avoid that situation. Some may even call their colleagues to handle that buyer. What the best would do is learn from mistakes by evaluating, change their sales pitch and motivate themselves. Success is the result of learning from mistakes.

The best always continue to improve themselves by reading articles, books and get proper Sales Training. Without continuously improving yourself, you are just the same yesterday, last month and last year. Do not expect change in your sales when you have been doing the same thing over and over again.

Are You The Best Yet?

Take that step, make that phone call, set that appointment, sell effectively to that buyer! Even if colleagues are resting and lazing around, the best will not rest. They want to beat the rest.

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