Sales Leadership Issues & Mistakes

Few months back a client hired me to do a half day session for his sales team on being more proactive and productive. One of the sub topics was effective time and task management. The person who hired me was the sales director. The session starts at 9 am and ends at 12.30 pm. I typically arrive at my training venue around 8 am to prepare.

It was 5 minutes to 9am and i still don’t see the sales director – the person who initiated the training. So i started the session and around 15 minutes past 9am, the sales director charges into the room hastily, which translates to – late!

Terrible example that is. I think sometimes the issues with the sales team is not with the sales team – it’s with the people leading and managing the sales team. In this case, the sales director wanted the sales team to be more productive in managing their task and time and he himself is late. What message does that send to the team?

If you want the team to cold call, cold call and show them how it’s done. If you want them to fill in the paperwork, make sure you fill yours and show them. Walk the talk, show leadership by example. Don’t expect the people below you to change and improve if upper level don’t take the responsibility and accountability to change and improve first.

Duty is one of the ten codes of the Sales Ninja. The rest being (Abundance, Courage, Commitment, Contribution, Focus, Honor, Honesty, Trust, Improvement). Do your Duty as the sales leader.

Sales Ninja Grandmaster

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