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Selling Skills In Malaysia

Looking to learn selling skills in Malaysia? Then you’ve reached the right place. But before we move on to selling skills, let me share with you a short story of Grandmaster Hanzo that happened during lunch.

Here’s how it went.…


Leadership Training Malaysia

Are you here because you are looking for ways to transform your under performing sales team? With an effective leadership training, you can! Sales Ninja SHOGUN is created for Leadership Training in Malaysia.

The common problem with most sales team …

Bad Advertisement Found In Front Of Lift

Bad Advertisement Found In Front Of Lift

That ad was staring at me while I was waiting for the lift. But I noticed that something was wrong with it


Translating it to English, it says:


Items are like:

– 1 sofa set


Sales Words To Use

Today, Sales Ninja will be sharing on sales words to use when talking to your buyers. We are not saying that using these words will make them buy, but these words will magically hypnotize your buyers in the subconscious way. …


How To Get Money From People

As a sales person, easy! Sell them things.

But, are you getting the money from people like how you imagined? If not, continue reading and see how many of these mistakes are you making.

In order to sell something to …


French Retail Brand That Remains Unknown!

Been to Pavilion lately? Did you see a store called Celio? Do you know anything about this brand?

I got to know about Celio when i was in Bangkok shopping. I’ve asked a few friends that are not followers of …

Upsell To Increase Sales!

Upsell To Increase Sales!

Saw this at Italiannies restaurant at sunway pyramid, a shopping mall. It’s always good to upsell a customer. We can recommend a good desert or an extra drink. Since the customer is already there, why not just ask?

One way …


Meet Up For A Drink?

I bumped into a not too close friend few days back at a restaurant. He gave me call today and it went something like this.

Me: Hi Gary, what’s up?
Gary: Oh, just wanted to call up and see if …