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Sales Person Helped Me Save RM400 In 3 Seconds

Sales Person Helped Me Save RM400 In 3 Seconds

I went to Coach recently to check out their clearance sale. My wife was specifically looking to replace her old wristlet.

As we entered the shop, the sales person greeted us and showed us the products. I went to the …


Negotiation Training Malaysia

Are you looking for the best negotiation training in Malaysia? Negotiation can be a crucial part in determining a profit or a loss in a deal. Sometimes a wrong decision may cause a loss in profits for that project that …


Sales People Need To Change

Grandmaster Hanzo was on his way to a Sri Petaling restaurant to redeem his Groupon voucher. Since he was going there the first time, he used a GPS to help him find the way. As he was reaching the restaurant,


Car Sales Closing Techniques

Looking for good car sales closing techniques? In automotive sales, cars may not be a fast paced product where you get to close 1-2 deals a day. An average closing number for a car sales person is about 5 deals …


Cold Calling Art

Cold calling is when you call a customer who may or may not have heard of you or your company before and promote your products. Do you tremble before you start dialing that number? Most people do. Another problem is, …

It’s Back! The Sales Ninja Tactics Training

It’s Back! The Sales Ninja Tactics Training

Many sellers have trouble closing a sale because the buyers give them a hard time by complaining about their products, comparing with other similar products or even asking for a better deal even though you have given them your best …


French Retail Brand That Remains Unknown!

Been to Pavilion lately? Did you see a store called Celio? Do you know anything about this brand?

I got to know about Celio when i was in Bangkok shopping. I’ve asked a few friends that are not followers of …

Upsell To Increase Sales!

Upsell To Increase Sales!

Saw this at Italiannies restaurant at sunway pyramid, a shopping mall. It’s always good to upsell a customer. We can recommend a good desert or an extra drink. Since the customer is already there, why not just ask?

One way …


Managing Director Sells Sales Trainer EXPENSIVE Mattress!

She shouted from far… “Hey young man, so how’s the mattress?”

Standing in front of the door, I turned and replied…
“well, we got to think about it…”

She was behind the counter, from far i saw her moving out …


3 Sales Closing Ideas!

“Put that coffee down. Coffee is for closers only.”
Quote from the movie Glengarry Glen Ross

Other thoughts and ideas on how to close the sale and closing the sale:

01. Coffee is for closers only.

==> Only closers get …