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Managing Director Sells Sales Trainer EXPENSIVE Mattress!

She shouted from far… “Hey young man, so how’s the mattress?”

Standing in front of the door, I turned and replied…
“well, we got to think about it…”

She was behind the counter, from far i saw her moving out …


3 Sales Closing Ideas!

“Put that coffee down. Coffee is for closers only.”
Quote from the movie Glengarry Glen Ross

Other thoughts and ideas on how to close the sale and closing the sale:

01. Coffee is for closers only.

==> Only closers get …


17 Years Sales Veteran SHOCKED At His 3 Presentation Mistakes!

This comes from my recent coaching session with a group of sales managers of a sizeable company.

My client was preparing for their presentation to their prospect’s senior management team. As the deal size is significant, they hired me for …


Adapt or Die – You Choose!

Times have changed and so must you. The marketplace has become tougher with competitors getting smarter and customers increasingly nastier. How do you survive in such brutal environment? Can the best practices of the past save you? Let’s explore ……