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Richard Branson On Air Asia with Grandmaster

Richard Branson On Air Asia with Grandmaster

Richard Branson On Air Asia with Grandmaster

Grandmaster Hanzo was seen with Sir Richard Branson who is dressed as an air stewardess.

Why is Richard Branson Dressed As An Air Stewardess?

It all started from a bet in 2010. A bet was made by Tony Fernandes and …


Sales Words To Use

Today, Sales Ninja will be sharing on sales words to use when talking to your buyers. We are not saying that using these words will make them buy, but these words will magically hypnotize your buyers in the subconscious way. …


Cold Calling Art

Cold calling is when you call a customer who may or may not have heard of you or your company before and promote your products. Do you tremble before you start dialing that number? Most people do. Another problem is, …


How To Get Money From People

As a sales person, easy! Sell them things.

But, are you getting the money from people like how you imagined? If not, continue reading and see how many of these mistakes are you making.

In order to sell something to …


Effective Ways To Get Buyers To Like You

If you are a salesperson or a seller, you need to know this.

Do you realise that for most of the times, buyers tend to buy from people they like or have rapport with? There are cases where there are …


How To Increase Sales for Retail Companies

Majority of retailers are order-takers. Most of them sit inside their retail outlet and wait for customers to make their purchases. They seldom engage in a conversation with the customer nor do they actively pursue a sales process to obtain …