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Best Negotiation Skills Training In Malaysia

Best Negotiation Skills Training In Malaysia

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Are you looking for the Best Negotiation Skills training that will help you close your next deal without feeling like a loser where you are forced to give in to your buyer’s EXTREME Demands because they keep Threatening

These Credit Card Sales People Got It All Wrong

These Credit Card Sales People Got It All Wrong

Last week, I was in Ikano shopping mall. While walking to Ace Hardware, I passed this booth where the sales people was trying to promote their bank’s credit card. I was walking pretty close to their booth and I was …


Top 8 Traits A Top Sales Person Always Have

A sales person is the front liner of a company or business. Most of the time, a sales person is either out for appointments or making phone calls to set future appointments. The main requirement of a sales person is …


Sales Superstition

Superstition can be created by anything. Some get superstitious when they do not wear their lucky shirt when their favorite football team is playing. Some even get superstitious when something breaks just before an important event like… an interview for …

Sales Force Training Malaysia

Sales Force Training Malaysia

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Do you train your sales force to make lots of cold calls and appointments but somehow they are not achieving their sales target you have set for them? Why won’t the appointments close sales anymore? Now the question is, how …


Negotiation Training Malaysia

Are you looking for the best negotiation training in Malaysia? Negotiation can be a crucial part in determining a profit or a loss in a deal. Sometimes a wrong decision may cause a loss in profits for that project that …


Sales People Need To Change

Grandmaster Hanzo was on his way to a Sri Petaling restaurant to redeem his Groupon voucher. Since he was going there the first time, he used a GPS to help him find the way. As he was reaching the restaurant,