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You Are Attractive, If You Know This Art

You Are Attractive, If You Know This Art

If you want to attract others, you must be attractive yourself” – Sales Ninja

It sounds simple right? But, most people do not know of this art. Or, they do not apply it.

According to social scientists, people …

4 Beliefs Of The Sales Ninja Philosophy

4 Beliefs Of The Sales Ninja Philosophy

Sales is like a flower. Yes, a flower can be pretty and certainly could smell nice. But, more importantly, just like a flower, there are many parts to it.

The roots are the strong foundation that anchors the plant and …

Fear Is Now Your Ally

Fear Is Now Your Ally

Most people run or start to tremble when faced with our fears. Your heart starts beating profusely, cold sweat, and shivering are common signs of fear.

It is human nature for our bodies to react this way because our mind …


New Sales Challenge Of Corporate Sales!

The world of corporate selling has changed. It used to be just one buyer making the decision. Due to the rapidly changing business environment, buyers now form a purchasing committee or sometimes called the buyer committee consisting of different people …

Sales Ninja December 2012 Public Trainings!

Sales Ninja December 2012 Public Trainings!

Here are 2 practical and powerful sales and sales management training in April that you and your team must attend:


Training Name: Sales Ninja Shogun

Brief: The 7 Secrets Of All Top Sales Managers

Lessons: Building sales culture, …


How To Speed Up Your Sales Team To Super Performance!

Have you ever experienced this?

You are in a hurry, you drive faster than normal, you want to overtake all the cars that are in front of you BUT they tend to move slowly. You wonder why everyone seems to …


Quick Sales Ninja Inhouse Updates!

> A client we have worked closely since Jan 2010 is now expanding from a 20+ sales force to a whopping 50+ sales force for 2011. Phenomenal growth. Sales Ninja will continue to boost this fantastic organization in 2011.

> …


Two Amazing Sales Ninja Public Programs in December !

// 1

Training: Sales Ninja MASTER

Brief: MASTER the Secrets of Top Sales Performers!

When: December 3rd and 4th, 2012

Where: The Saujana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Investment: RM 2,399.00

Complete Info: Click here for the PDF

// 2

Training: Sales …


Sales Ninja MASTER Training December 3rd and 4th, 2012

A short note to inform you that I finally have organized a public training. Since January I have been doing over 90 in-house training days till today and didn’t have the time to conduct any public training at all…

Nonetheless, …