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Whatsapp Engagement For Sales People.

Whatsapp Engagement For Sales People.

Whatsapp is a messaging app that is secretly taking over the sales world by storm. A messaging app that gets you instant results, potential clients responses, and a good follow up!

Those that are not using it is losing out …

When you don’t change, you’re out of the race!

When you don’t change, you’re out of the race!

The dawn of “smartphones” reached us in the late 2000s and before then a mobile phone is more than just making calls, sending texts.

It becomes the epiphany of modernity and technology combined into one sleek design, you can download …

Attack on Humanity : Where do we go from here?

Attack on Humanity : Where do we go from here?

The first half of November has been a gloomy month that has affected humanity.

The world has been hit with countless disasters in November: 

12th  – Lebanon – Beirut Suicide bombings killed 43 people in Lebanon

13th – Japan –


This little girl had more than 50 sales in an hour

I tried the new coconut ice-cream in Ampang Point recently and I had to queue up. While waiting for my turn, I saw that the workers were working and preparing the ice-creams in high gear. It was so fast paced …

Sales Force Training Malaysia

Sales Force Training Malaysia

Master small

Do you train your sales force to make lots of cold calls and appointments but somehow they are not achieving their sales target you have set for them? Why won’t the appointments close sales anymore? Now the question is, how …


Negotiation Training Malaysia

Are you looking for the best negotiation training in Malaysia? Negotiation can be a crucial part in determining a profit or a loss in a deal. Sometimes a wrong decision may cause a loss in profits for that project that …


Sales People Need To Change

Grandmaster Hanzo was on his way to a Sri Petaling restaurant to redeem his Groupon voucher. Since he was going there the first time, he used a GPS to help him find the way. As he was reaching the restaurant,


Spicy Korean Barbecue Dish!

When you enter a Korean Restaurant, you are immediately greeted with the amazing sounds of sizzling barbeque and the smell of tasty marinated meat on the hot plate! It’s an amazing experience.

It was a weekend and our Sales Ninja


Selling Skills In Malaysia

Looking to learn selling skills in Malaysia? Then you’ve reached the right place. But before we move on to selling skills, let me share with you a short story of Grandmaster Hanzo that happened during lunch.

Here’s how it went.…