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Halloween scares people. What scares your sales people?

Halloween scares people. What scares your sales people?

Halloween is coming up end of the month. It’s a time where people wear costumes,walk around and scaring others.

What scares your sales people? Are your sales people afraid of cold calling, networking or even following up with prospects? Doing …

Fatal Lessons Instantly Learnt After Racing Go Karts

Fatal Lessons Instantly Learnt After Racing Go Karts

It was a hot and sunny day. The Sales Ninja team gathered in front of the Extreme Park at Sunway Lagoon everyone was ready to race. We were going to race in Go Karts in this quarterly team building.


We …


5 Deadly Mistakes Employees Make That Will Destroy Any SME

Today’s article is going to be hard hitting. Some SMEs have been up and running for years but still not getting the intended results, why? One main reason is because they or their employees are making the same mistakes repeatedly …


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Kevan Phua is Sales Ninja’s Marketing Shinobi who specializes in online marketing and generating inbounds. He loves reading, spending time with his wife, daughter and definitely his car. Recently, he has been in the online shopping craze and he’s


You Need A Coach – Sales Ninja Training and Coach

If you want to improve, you need a coach. A coach is able to train you to expand your capabilities, improve your skills and make you better. All athletes especially champion athletes need coaches.

Grandmaster Hanzo has 5 coaches; swimming, …


Top 8 Traits A Top Sales Person Always Have

A sales person is the front liner of a company or business. Most of the time, a sales person is either out for appointments or making phone calls to set future appointments. The main requirement of a sales person is …


Sales Superstition

Superstition can be created by anything. Some get superstitious when they do not wear their lucky shirt when their favorite football team is playing. Some even get superstitious when something breaks just before an important event like… an interview for …