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Sales Words To Use

Today, Sales Ninja will be sharing on sales words to use when talking to your buyers. We are not saying that using these words will make them buy, but these words will magically hypnotize your buyers in the subconscious way. …


Cold Calling Art

Cold calling is when you call a customer who may or may not have heard of you or your company before and promote your products. Do you tremble before you start dialing that number? Most people do. Another problem is, …


Does This Headline Capture Your Attention?

According to John Caples, did you know that in a print ad, 75% of the buying decisions are made at the headline alone.

Which means, the headline alone can make or break your chances of a sale. Within that one …


How To Get Money From People

As a sales person, easy! Sell them things.

But, are you getting the money from people like how you imagined? If not, continue reading and see how many of these mistakes are you making.

In order to sell something to …

Sales Training Using Psychological Tricks

Sales Training Using Psychological Tricks

Here, Sales Ninja will teach you the art to MIND CONTROL your prospects. This is useful for people who want to know how to get what you want without pushing too hard for it.

Sales Ninja is one of Asia’s …

4 Beliefs Of The Sales Ninja Philosophy

4 Beliefs Of The Sales Ninja Philosophy

Sales is like a flower. Yes, a flower can be pretty and certainly could smell nice. But, more importantly, just like a flower, there are many parts to it.

The roots are the strong foundation that anchors the plant and …

Fear Is Now Your Ally

Fear Is Now Your Ally

Most people run or start to tremble when faced with our fears. Your heart starts beating profusely, cold sweat, and shivering are common signs of fear.

It is human nature for our bodies to react this way because our mind …


Finish What You Start!

Does this sound familiar?

Your parent: finish up the food.
You: but I don’t like it.
Your parent: I don’t care, finish it or else…
You: *eats the food*.

If you are like me, we may have heard of this …