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How to Lead Your Team to Bigger Sale

Previously, we shared how retail management affects both the customer as well as your staff. But how about the sales part? What will you do to grow your sales as a leader?

For retail, when sales are slow or when …



The most harrowing and annoying words a supervisor/manager will ever have to hear. Many don’t fear it but many hates dealing with it. The only time a customer bellows these words are when:

  1. Your staff mishandled the customer by giving


Sales is a roller-coaster. It has its peak times and it has its slow times. There are good and steady times and then there are tough and bumpy times. For people on the front lines itself, going through tough times …


Missed An Opportunity… 3 Seconds Ago

In the world of sales, we often miss our greatest opportunities in a window of a split second. But in most cases, and I emphasize heavily on this, we miss them in under 3 seconds. Why 3? Because in each



To our esteemed and valued clients,

Very recently, Sales Ninja domains fell victim to a cyber attack that ultimately involved our emails and internal systems. If you have received any spam mails from Sales Ninja that has absolutely NOTHING to …


World Cup Finals and How Motivation Drives Sales

2 Champions emerged on Sunday at the World Cup Finals: Croatia AND France. France won the World Cup for the 2nd time (1st was 1998) and Croatia won the hearts of the people.

The game itself was

How You Can PERSEVERE Through Dark Times

How You Can PERSEVERE Through Dark Times

On the 23rd of June 2018, a terrible fate took place that garnered the attention and prayers of every soul living in the modern world: a football team of 13 people were trapped in a cave in Northern …


Why The FIFA World Cup And Sales Are Alike

Year of the Underdog, 2018 is called. Many (former) powerful countries that has been renowned as champions in the past couldn’t even make it past the qualifying rounds and the ones who have risen are those who we never imagined …


A Tail of Determination And Motivation

6 days. My pet cat, Cadbury; a flat-nosed, orange-white Persian whom I treasure like my own daughter was missing for 6 days. Worst part was that I learned it was STOLEN from my very porch. 6 days ago, my friends …