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Adapt or Die – You Choose!

Times have changed and so must you. The marketplace has become tougher with competitors getting smarter and customers increasingly nastier. How do you survive in such brutal environment? Can the best practices of the past save you? Let’s explore ……


Lessons From Running 11KM (with a twist…)

Ran 11KM last Sunday. Was a great run for a non runner. I didn’t practice beforehand. My sister in law is a runner. What’s a runner? A person who runs regularly. The only time I run is when I join …


hot lessons from NINJA SPYING situations

// HOT lessons from NINJA SPYING situations - (observation) of my daily life... // By Hanzo Ng, Sales Ninja Grandmaster When I mention spying - I really mean observation with 'sometimes without' other people's knowledge. When they know, I'm observing - When they don't know, I'm spying. Which is which? Doesn’t matter: here are the situations and lessons: