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Four Points Sheraton’s Personalized Greetings!

Four Points Sheraton’s Personalized Greetings!

This is what I see when I walk into my room at Four Points Sheraton:

Initially I thought to myself, “hey this is nice”. But when I look closer I see some typo error. So I called guest services and …

Make Up When You Screw Up!

Make Up When You Screw Up!

I checked into Grand Mercure Singapore. Was served with a great smile. After getting my keys I went up to my room. When I opened my door, i’m in total SHOCK…

There were 3 bags on top of the bed. …

Pepsi’s New Skinny Can

Pepsi’s New Skinny Can

Here’s pepsi’s new skinny can:

I like the design. Diet pepsi’s main sales message is you can have a soft drink without the calories, calories = fat. So with the skinny can, the sales message really hits the mark. Some …


Put Your Brand Onto Someone’s Name?

Just read an article about Dunlop’s unconventional marketing strategy in Canada. They offered $25,000.00 as prize money to people who are willing to change their name to Dunlop-Tire. 4 people took up the offer. So now these folks are Peter …


Break The Norm!

Most breakthrough strategies and ideas were once ridiculed because they don’t conform. Being unconventional isn’t going to be easy because we have a tendency to bounce back to our normal thinking or be heavily influenced by people around us who …


My brother turned -80k to 200k! (10 secrets revealed)

Astonishing – My younger brother Sohn Ng recently turned around a business that is making loses of over $80K a month to sucking in cash of more than $200,000.00 a month! How long did he took to do it? How …


Conventional and Unconventional Titles of Sales People!

Here are some sales job titles most commonly used:

  • Account executives
  • Account managers
  • B2B sales
  • Business councelors
  • Business executives
  • Business managers
  • Business development managers
  • Business development officers
  • Business development executives
  • Customer representatives
  • Customer specialist
  • Customer service manager
  • Client service
  • Client

Unconventional tactics job seekers used to get attention!

Just read that job seekers are now using unconventional sales weapons to get the attention of hiring managers.

Some of the most memorable tactics identified by hiring managers include:

  • Candidate sent a shoe with a resume to “get my foot