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Car Sales Closing Techniques

Looking for good car sales closing techniques? In automotive sales, cars may not be a fast paced product where you get to close 1-2 deals a day. An average closing number for a car sales person is about 5 deals …

Bad Advertisement Found In Front Of Lift

Bad Advertisement Found In Front Of Lift

That ad was staring at me while I was waiting for the lift. But I noticed that something was wrong with it


Translating it to English, it says:


Items are like:

– 1 sofa set

Tokyo Street Pavilion Celebrating 2 Year Anniversary

Tokyo Street Pavilion Celebrating 2 Year Anniversary

I was in Pavilion last Saturday at around 10am and the first place we headed to was Daiso at Pavilion’s Tokyo street which sold lots of interesting things at a very low price.  After going to every corner of the


Does This Headline Capture Your Attention?

According to John Caples, did you know that in a print ad, 75% of the buying decisions are made at the headline alone.

Which means, the headline alone can make or break your chances of a sale. Within that one …


How To Increase Sales for Retail Companies

Majority of retailers are order-takers. Most of them sit inside their retail outlet and wait for customers to make their purchases. They seldom engage in a conversation with the customer nor do they actively pursue a sales process to obtain …

Pepsi’s New Skinny Can

Pepsi’s New Skinny Can

Here’s pepsi’s new skinny can:

I like the design. Diet pepsi’s main sales message is you can have a soft drink without the calories, calories = fat. So with the skinny can, the sales message really hits the mark. Some …


Trusting Toyota’s Trustworthiness!

Toyota became the no 1 car maker of the world because they were known for good quality products. Quality that people can trust. But then they had to recall their cars because of accelerator pedal issues, a very serious issue …


Hanzo’s Confession!

I have a confession to make… Although i love the internet, i have not been spending enough time and effort on facebook. I typically only log into facebook once a week. I know i know, that’s like 10 years for …


Always High Price!

Not many companies have thrived being a lower price choice. Wal-mart has, Airasia has. However, my opinion is always high price. If you can create a niche with great value proposition to the market, aim for high price, you will …