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To our esteemed and valued clients,

Very recently, Sales Ninja domains fell victim to a cyber attack that ultimately involved our emails and internal systems. If you have received any spam mails from Sales Ninja that has absolutely NOTHING to …


World Cup Finals and How Motivation Drives Sales

2 Champions emerged on Sunday at the World Cup Finals: Croatia AND France. France won the World Cup for the 2nd time (1st was 1998) and Croatia won the hearts of the people.

The game itself was


Turning Around a Low Performing Sales Team

Every sales manager’s worse nightmare: A low-performing and demotivated team.

It’s hard enough that sales targets are not being achieved during Tough Times but even more so that it is because your very people are not doing enough or they …

How Excellent Customer Service Won Him More Sales

How Excellent Customer Service Won Him More Sales

I was browsing through my phone’s pictures and I saw this picture I took awhile back.

It was probably months back and it was lunch time. We went to this Sarawak noodle shop in Subang SS15 and it was only …


This little girl had more than 50 sales in an hour

I tried the new coconut ice-cream in Ampang Point recently and I had to queue up. While waiting for my turn, I saw that the workers were working and preparing the ice-creams in high gear. It was so fast paced …

Sales Force Training Malaysia

Sales Force Training Malaysia

Master small

Do you train your sales force to make lots of cold calls and appointments but somehow they are not achieving their sales target you have set for them? Why won’t the appointments close sales anymore? Now the question is, how …


Negotiation Training Malaysia

Are you looking for the best negotiation training in Malaysia? Negotiation can be a crucial part in determining a profit or a loss in a deal. Sometimes a wrong decision may cause a loss in profits for that project that …