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Replica Vs Genuine – Sales Ninja Training Malaysia

Replica Vs Genuine – Sales Ninja Training Malaysia


Don’t you find that original products are just too expensive? Like a genuine iPhone phone cable can easily cost you RM100. So, like what most consumers do, we look for alternatives.

When you walk along the streets, you’ll easily find …

Sales Force Training Malaysia

Sales Force Training Malaysia

Master small

Do you train your sales force to make lots of cold calls and appointments but somehow they are not achieving their sales target you have set for them? Why won’t the appointments close sales anymore? Now the question is, how …


Selling Skills In Malaysia

Looking to learn selling skills in Malaysia? Then you’ve reached the right place. But before we move on to selling skills, let me share with you a short story of Grandmaster Hanzo that happened during lunch.

Here’s how it went.…


Leadership Training Malaysia

Are you here because you are looking for ways to transform your under performing sales team? With an effective leadership training, you can! Sales Ninja SHOGUN is created for Leadership Training in Malaysia.

The common problem with most sales team …