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Right Time Right Words – This Changes Everything

True short story which you will enjoy reading.

‘A mother told her four year old daughter to help her older sister who is seven years old with something. The reason the mother gave her was, helping other people is good. …

What Bowling Teachers Will Never Teach You

What Bowling Teachers Will Never Teach You

The Sales Ninja Team had a team building session on 10 May 2013 where the team played bowling! The Sales Ninja Team were split up into 3 groups of 2. On top of that, there was a prize for the …


How To Get Money From People

As a sales person, easy! Sell them things.

But, are you getting the money from people like how you imagined? If not, continue reading and see how many of these mistakes are you making.

In order to sell something to …


Effective Ways To Get Buyers To Like You

If you are a salesperson or a seller, you need to know this.

Do you realise that for most of the times, buyers tend to buy from people they like or have rapport with? There are cases where there are …