Right Time Right Words – This Changes Everything

True short story which you will enjoy reading.

‘A mother told her four year old daughter to help her older sister who is seven years old with something. The reason the mother gave her was, helping other people is good. The four year old girl reluctantly did as told. Then one day, the mother told the four year old girl to keep her toys but the girl told the mother that she was tired and asked the mother to help her instead saying “Helping other people is good”

… Just like what her mother said before.

Would You Do It?

Honesty is one of the Sales Ninja codes which means do what you say. If you have already committed to your customer or buyer that you will send the quotation tomorrow, send it tomorrow. No one likes an all-talk-but-no-action person.

The little Girl Strategized

When she was asked to clear her toys, she could have grumbled and clear them, but through experience, she strategized a method to leverage the sentence ” helping others is good” on her mother. This is why creating relationship to your customers are important. Occasional treats and small gifts for your buyers have effects. When the right moment comes, it will be hard for them to say no.

What To Take Back From This?

  1. Whenever you have to do something that you do not wish to do, do it and learn from it
  2. Honesty is important. No one likes a dishonest person
  3. Strategies can turn an event around

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