Restaurant Kicks Out Salesman – No Regular Salesman Allowed

Restaurant Kicks Out Salesman – No Regular Salesman Allowed

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No Salesman Allowed“. I recently saw this sign while having lunch at the entrance of the restaurant. I think you would have seen these signs frequently too at many restaurants and businesses. Why do you think this No Salesman Allowed signs are up? It’s most likely because

  • they have been ‘harassed‘ by salesman hard selling and pushing their products
  • they’ve dealt with unfriendly sales people
  • lots of sales people offended them before
  • sales people are disturbing their business instead of helping them
  • and other reasons!

We too have this sign at our door (imaginary one) at our office. It’s not because we have been harassed, but it’s because we only want THE BEST salesmen known as Sales Ninjas and not regular salesman.

When someone is an ordinary sales people, tendency are he does not know any sales techniques. He would probably meet a prospect, do a little light chat and start promoting his products. Once rejected, he would say “Ok, thanks!“, leaves and finds another prospect and repeat the cycle. This style might work but it is not very effective.

At Sales Ninja, our mission is to transform sales professionals to Sales Ninjas. With the right and unconventional techniques, you can close more sales with LESS effort.Read on below to find out how you can be the best:

How To Be A Sales Ninja And Not Be Kicked Out By Prospects

Start Differently

Those boring old start up lines are getting cheesy. Prospects hear them everyday! How different is yours? Are you going like “Hi! I am from Company ABC and we sell XYZ…”. More often than not, the prospect will just say they are not interested or worse, hang up on you. If you are cold calling, it is important to build an instant rapport with your prospect. If you are friendly and the prospect likes you, you’ve gain a point there. If you want to capture attention, don’t use those old 10 year old scrips. Design an unconventional one that will capture attention and control your prospects. See how we do it here.

Objections Will Surely Come

I’m not interested“, “I’m busy, call me another time” and other painful objections are what sales people have to face everyday. Don’t take it negatively, but learn to work around it. If they are not interested, ask what are they not interested in? Learn to probe but not offend the prospect. Some sales people while trying to handle objections might offend the prospect instead like “If you can find this price elsewhere, let me know! I also want to buy at this price!”. That’s offensive and should not be used on a prospect. Learn the unconventional and professional way to handle objections. Sales Ninja trains on effective objection handling here.

Follow Up, Follow Up and Follow Up

Most sales people like Touch-N-Go. They call a prospect, the prospect is uninterested and the sales person moves on. The cycle repeats. This is not effective. Even if the prospect is not interested or has other suppliers, find out why, probe for the supplier’s details and store the information in your system. Call back later and follow up. An uninterested prospect can be a buyer if you follow up correctly.

Fear Of Negotiation

Sales person fear this. When prospects threaten to buy from a competitor if this particular price is not given, sales person start to sweat, get minor heart attacks and their legs become jelly. It’s happens to most sales people.

Negotiation is not easy because it plays with emotions. Prospect feels that they have the upper hand so they always bully the sales people. What most people do not know is sales people have the upper hand also. Sales Ninja has mastered this art and trains all our participants to exit the negotiation room with a win-win situation. Get our negotiation techniques here.

De-Motivation And Fear Kills

One main problem of a sales person is de-motivation. After many failures and rejections, sales people feel hopeless and thinks of quitting. When you are demotivated, you can’t do sales properly, you have no energy, no passion and drive. Fear is another killer. The thought of calling a CEO, Datuk, or an MD can make a sales person think twice and procrastinate.

It’s actually all in the mind. If you learn how to get out of this state of mind, you can be a winner! We know this is a big problem which is why Sales Ninja has design the ultimate motivation program – The Sales Ninja WARRIOR. We use unconventional Ninja experiential activities to breakthrough the minds of de-motivated and fearful sales people. Get our WARRIOR Program PDF here.


Don’t be a regular sales person. No one likes a regular sales person. Be outstanding, be an over achiever and most of all, always be willing to learn. A failure is one who fails and do not learn from it.

Is this something that will help you and your sales team? Contact us here

Kevan Phua is Sales Ninja’s Marketing Shinobi who specializes in online marketing and generating inbounds. He loves reading, spending time with his wife, daughter and definitely his car. Recently, he has been in the online shopping craze and he’s looking to buy a new cupboard to store all his new clothes.

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