Restaurant Is Full But Service Is Shockingly Below Standard

Restaurant Is Full But Service Is Shockingly Below Standard

It was 7pm and we were at Leisure Mall Cheras looking for a place to have dinner. We were starving.

We decided on a restaurant and waited at the entrance to be seated. The shop was quite full. We waited… and waited… No one seated us. The workers saw us but they went on doing their work, practically ignoring us.

Finally, one worker walked towards our direction, greeted us then walked out. I was shocked. I thought he was going to bring us in. Another one then came and pointed us to a bar like table with high stool. I had my baby with me and so I asked

“Can you fit your baby chair there?” 

He then realize that it couldn’t so he gave us another table.

As usual we are going to relate this with sales.

Customers waiting to be seated are as good as buying customers. Likewise, buyers approaching you through your website, email blasts or coming over to your shop show that they are interested in what you have. Inbounds have higher chances of being converted into a sale. Those are valuable and be sure to follow up closely.

Retail sales people mostly make this mistake the most. Customers walking in their shops are normally ignored. Following the customers around with a lifeless expression on the face like a zombie is not gonna make your customers buy.  Customers are ready to buy and you are discouraging them!

Giving the wrong solution to your buyer will reflect on your company’s reputation.

I had a baby with me and it was obvious that a baby chair is needed. But the waiter brought us to a bar table that is impossible to fit a baby chair there.

If your prospect comes with a problem and you give a wrong solution, he won’t have a high regard on your services anymore because it might seem that you are incompetent. Neither would they have a good impression on you.

It is crucial to ask… the RIGHT questions. Accurate solutions can be provided if you know their exact needs. Ask the right questions and you’ll find the need. That’s why in Sales Ninja MASTER, we train how to ASK using Ninja methods. Get Sales Ninja MASTER PDF Here

What You Should Do Is This

Good sales people know how to sell and provide the right solutions.

But, GREAT sales people do more. They use outstanding sales methods and customers remember them. One of our Sales Ninja staff actually said this to a cold prospect over the phone

” If you want your sales people to talk like me, you should send them to our training!”

If you want to transform your regular sales team to start getting more sales in, find out how you can do it through our trainings.

Download our FREE training PDF to see how you can transform your current team into a GREAT sales team.

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Kevan Phua is Sales Ninja’s Marketing Shinobi who specializes in online marketing and generating inbounds. He loves reading, spending time with his wife, daughter and definitely his car. Recently, he has been in the online shopping craze and he’s looking to buy a new cupboard to store all his new clothes.

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