Replica Vs Genuine – Sales Ninja Training Malaysia

Replica Vs Genuine – Sales Ninja Training Malaysia


Don’t you find that original products are just too expensive? Like a genuine iPhone phone cable can easily cost you RM100. So, like what most consumers do, we look for alternatives.

When you walk along the streets, you’ll easily find lots of merchants selling iPhone cables at much cheaper price. When you ask them more about it, you’d realize that it is not the original but a replica of the original cable.

The replica might cost only RM10 which is so much cheaper than the original and the best thing is, it can do what the original can do. Not only cables, but you can find replicas for batteries, hand phone casing, wall chargers and etc.

It seems like the best choice to get these accessories at a cheaper price that can do exactly like what the original can! But, is it really the best choice?

Here’s What The Replicas Can Not Do


A replica can not give you the same finishing and the same build like how the original feels. It may feel like a substandard product because it can not get the same weight and same surface finish like the original. The original might use better material to build that product which translates to the high selling price

Customer Service

When you buy a replica, you are basically a buy-and-go customer. There won’t be any warranty or any customer service to attend to your problems. But with genuine parts, you get good support from the company because they want to uphold their company’s name.


A replica will not last as long as the original. Because it is built with substandard quality products with minimal quality control, you can not expect it to have a long lifespan.


With low quality control, safety will be a concern. Heard of numerous cases where the user’s mobile phone exploded while charging using a replica charger? A genuine product will be required to go through  a series of tests to ensure that it is safe for public use before it’s on the shelves.


When you use an original product, you have a sense of pride. You know that you are using a superior product which good quality which the replicas can never give.


We want our phone wall chargers to work whenever we are low on battery. Imagine waking up in the morning and realize that your phone was not charged at all because the wire was loose and you forgot to ‘adjust’ it properly.


It is always best to go for the best. A replica product can never be as good as the genuine which is why you are paying premium for a genuine product.

When you use a genuine product, you are certain that you are getting a good, reliable product with great quality.

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