Opening Time Affects Your Business Sales – It Is An Opportunity

Opening Time Affects Your Business Sales – It Is An Opportunity

I was In KLCC at 9.45am  just before opening hours. Here is a short story of how opening time really can affect your business. It is an opportunity.

Wanting to do some work on a my laptop, I went to one of the dessert cafes and wanted to get a drink while at the same time using their power supply. They said they only start selling at 10.30am but I am free to use the power supply while waiting. Sounded like a good deal so I went in.

It was around 10.15am, I asked one of the workers if I could order my drink now because I saw that they started to turn on the decorative lights in the shop. She said yes, I can order now. So I proceeded to the counter.

While paying for my drinks at the counter, I noticed that 50% of the other shops are still closed and worker are still setting up their shops, which was after the usual 10am opening hours.

I realized something.

They Are Losing Business

For people who are there early looking for a place to eat, get a drink or even clothes, shops that are not opened will never get their business. They are losing sales.

Opportunity Comes And Goes

Sometimes, when opportunity presents itself, if you are not ready, you will lose it. If someone had wanted to place a huge order of 100 cups at 10am but the shop was not ready to sell yet, the person might just walk off to another opened shop and get his drinks there.

Same Cost Less Profit

For retail shops, even if you open on time or late, you are still paying the same rent. Why not open your shop earlier?

Staff Did Not Communicate With Me

When the shop was ready to sell at 10.15am, which was earlier than the 10.30am which they informed me, the worker should have walked over and informed me that they are opened and I could start ordering. This is a typical sales problem, sales people wait and not take initiative and pull customers in.

Remember This

Sales requires effort. People who take the extra step and work harder will have higher chances of closing more sales. As the sales management team, if you can effectively lead and manage your sales team to be prepared, ready and aggressive in sales, you will defeat your competitors. This is why Sales Ninja SHOGUN is perfect for the sales management team.

Sales Ninja Shogun Public Training

Training: Sales Ninja SHOGUN
Brief: Unleash The Inner Leadership Warrior Within!
When: July 30th and 31st, 2013
Where: The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Malaysian Fees: RM 2,599.00
Seats Left: 5 (Historically Full!)

Click here for more information and to download SHOGUN PDF.

* Shogun = A Japanese word that means commander/general/ruler/leader.

Sales Ninja Shogun is a 3 days 2 nights unique and highly challenging sales management training based on the philosophy of Ninjutsu – the ancient warrior martial arts practiced by the Ninjas. You will learn, practice and internalize the secrets of how to build a successful fighting sales team that will unleash your sales team’s inner warrior spirit to breakthrough sales targets. You are required live the Shogun Secrets every day in everything you do whether at work or in life to ensure your sales team’s results is consistent and continues to grow. There are 2 parts to The Sales Ninja Shogun, Character and Competence.

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