Old Movies Are Now New Movies!

During father’s day, i took my dad out for dinner and then to the movies. We watched The Karate Kid. The new one of course. The old one is with Mr Miyagi, the new one is Jacky Chan playing Mr. Han. My father enjoyed it, i was ok with it. Karate Kid is not the only old movie that is now a new movie. Terminator, Indiana Jones or Nightmare on Elm Street are all old movies.

My point is, old stories still work in the new world. So if your sales manager told you an old story of how he/she used to close the sales, the old story is still valid, all you need to do is a remake. The content remains, just the ‘style’ could be different. So don’t just discard some old stories and say, ‘last time is different, the world has changed’. Yes, last time is different and the world has changed but – fundamentals don’t change. Basics of selling is always the same, understand buyer’s need and wants, give a good solution that solves their problems or that improves their situation.

Don’t say, it doesn’t work, ask yourself, how can i make this work. Ask the right question and get the right answer.

Hanzo Ng SalesNinja Grandmaster

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