3 Interesting Reasons Why No One Tries To Miss The Bullseye

3 Interesting Reasons Why No One Tries To Miss The Bullseye

When you take a dart and aim at the target, where do you aim for? Naturally, it’s the bullseye. But why would you aim for it even thought it’s the toughest point to hit?

1. That’s Where It Matters

The bullseye is the most sought after target. Once you hit it, you’ll get cheers all around because it is a huge achievement. But if you miss it and hit away from the bullseye, you’ll just be like the rest who hit everywhere else. In order to make an impression, you need to go for the bullseye.

In sales,to be the best sales person, you need to hit the bullseye to stand out from other average sales people. That’s through closing more sales, ‘stealing’ customers from your competitors or closing a big deal where everyone else before you failed.

In order to do that, you’ll need to take the hard road and although you may fail, through learning, trainings, and practice you will eventually move closer to the bullseye.

2. It Has Most Points

If you want to get the most points, the bullseye is where you need to hit. The reason it has the most points is because, the bullseye is again not an easy mark to hit. The rewards are great if you hit it. Likewise in sales, getting the most commission is definitely not easy. Customers will give you tons of objections and press for more discounts. The more discounts you give, the less commission you get.

So do not ever engage in price wars. Many sales people do that but a Sales Ninja avoids it.

How do you handle objections and negotiate when customers and banging tables and shouting at you? Here’s how to handle these extreme customers.

3. Not Many Can Do It

Only the best are able to hit their sales target consistenly. It takes lots of experience, practice and training for you to be the best. In sales, if you are willing to put in the effort to be the best sales person, you will be hitting the sales target more consistenly.

Many sales people won’t do it because it means more work and more pain. That’s why they will only have average performance and by fluke hit the target once in awhile. But the best won’t settle for that, they want a consistent track record of bullseye hits.


The bullseye is where it matters because it gives the best rewards. But, hitting the bullseye is not easy but with experience, practice and training, you will learn how to hit closer to the bullseye more frequently and eventually hit it!

The best sales people will aim for the bullseye every time. Why? Because the rewards are great! The feeling of beating your competitors and not easily giving in to the customers’ demands is ecstatic.

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