New Sales Challenge Of Corporate Sales!

The world of corporate selling has changed. It used to be just one buyer making the decision. Due to the rapidly changing business environment, buyers now form a purchasing committee or sometimes called the buyer committee consisting of different people from different departments to evaluate and input their opinion on the sellers product or services. They typically consist of 3 people and so far we heard the maximum people in the room listening to the seller is 30! However, we find 4-6 buyers are the common number.

How do you cater to 6 different people’s need, wants and agenda? How do you follow-up with 6 different people from 6 different departments? With little differentiation in our products and services, the difference now lies in the seller. The seller is the differentiator. The seller’s ability to make a persuasive presentation to the group is the differentiator. My in-house clients have benefited tremendously from learning how to sell to groups. They told me most sales trainings deal with one on ones. I agree, most sales trainers themselves do not know how to sell to groups.

So with that, I’ve created a program that trains sales people who specifically sell to groups. Do you make presentations to more than one buyer or prospect? Do they consist of different people from different department? Do you want a world class sales presentation model that helps you sell more powerfully to groups? If yes, then Sales Ninja Hypnotica is great for you. It’s coming June 29 and 30 and it’s only for 10 people to ensure I make it as effective as possible. Complete details is in the PDF:

PDF >> Sales Ninja Hypnotica

See you at the training!

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