Motivating And Rewarding Sales People!

What should you do when times are tough or when the market gets tougher? As a sales leader, how should you go about motivating your sales people before they get burnt out, stressed out and quit? Imagine if they quit, you have to recruit, select and train all over again. A lot of hassle, a lot of work, a lot of time, energy and money goes into these unproductive activities versus skills improvement and coaching.

When a sales person gets burnt out, they are stressed, they get skeptical about the market, they feel pessimistic and negative, they start to procrastinate, they work less, they get less productive and become inconsistent. What do you do? Here are some ways a Sales Ninja Leader would do in these times:

Have Great Energy!

Walk into the office with great energy. Brighten up the room. Infect everyone with your power. Sales people are already down. In order to bring them up, a Sales Ninja Leader must infect and influence them with your own energy. Let them see you not being affected by external circumstances. Let them feel that even though in tough times, one can alter their attitude by adjusting their energy level. When I do trainings, a lot of people are walking, living in an Energy 5 level. Moderate, ok kinda level. Level 1 is when you are dead, not a good place to be in – a walking zombie. And most Sales Leaders are at Energy 5. They want their sales team to be charged but they look like a clock where its hand ticks once a while like when the batteries are running out. You got to lead by example. You want them to be charged, be charged yourself. More ideas to come next time…

Sales Ninja Grandmaster

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