Martial Arts & Selling – Learn The Techniques

Learn The Techniques

In martial arts, we are taught lots of techniques like how to punch, how to kick, how to throw, how to block, how to get out from a lock, how to roll if we fall, how to fight on the ground, how to breathe (yes breathing is a technique as well), how to channel our energy to use for power and the rest. Likewise in sales, there are a lot of sales techniques to learn. How to cold call, how to network, how to follow-up, how to do our preparation or pre-call planning, how to handle rejections, how to tackle objections, how to ask effective questions, how to present persuasively, how to understand prospects and customers’ needs by listening, how to negotiate, how to close the sale and the rest. If you want to be the top, learn all the techniques and master them.

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