Lessons From Running 11KM (with a twist…)

Ran 11KM last Sunday. Was a great run for a non runner. I didn’t practice beforehand. My sister in law is a runner. What’s a runner? A person who runs regularly. The only time I run is when I join these 10KMs run. I typically do one or two every year. Though some practice before the run would be great, I just join for the fun for it. There were 3000 people, I think I scored 1385 or something – hahaha. Anyway here are some thoughts from the run:

>> There Are People Who Join To Win

These are the groups that regularly run to build strength, speed and stamina. They land their feet a certain way and they breathe a certain way. They visualize success and they know the right ways to grab the medal.

Similarly with sales ninjas, top performers would regularly practice and improve their skills by reading, brainstorming or attending trainings. That’s how one wins.

Lesson: You cannot win without the right practice – no matter how strong your mindset is!

>> There Are People Who Quit

I ran four 10KMs before – this is not the first time I see people quitting. Half way through the run, people quit. They walk back to their car or they walk back to the starting line.

There are sales people who go in sales and quit. Or they hop from job to job, company to company thinking the next one is going to be easier. It’s never going to be easier. I love a quote from Jim Rohn “never wish it was easier, wish you were better.”

It’s ok for you to walk if your legs are killing you. I walked a few times throughout the run (that’s the end result of just joining in without any practice =) But one cannot just quit. My appendix area hurt when I reach the second or third KM. I had to walk a while to recover. It’s easy to just throw the towel and say, ok, body hurts, time to quit.  It’s easy to quit because it’s comfortable.

Persisting is HARD – any achievers will tell you that. Going beyond what you normally can do is HARD. Pushing yourself to rise above your normal self is HARD.

Lesson: Be tough and persist – no matter how HARD it is!

>> Schoolboy Beats Veteran Professional (shocking!)

I saw a schoolboy wearing a ‘power’ shoes by Bata. – just ordinary running shoes. On the other hand, there is this macho guy fully geared with Nike shoes (with matching Nike socks), Nike vest, Nike pants… and I strongly believe if Nike had underwear, this guy would be wearing it too.

Came to no surprise – the schoolboy overtook the guy. My point? No matter how beautiful your outlook is ie brochures, corporate office, physical appearance, name cards, etc…

Lesson: One will never beat real substance!

Other Lessons ==

>> Some enjoyed the entire journey (they look at the sceneries, they take in the fresh air, they like surrounded by people and the competition and of course completing it)

>> Some suffered thorough the journey (they focus how much their ankle hurts, or they thigh or shoulders or knees)

>> Some knew about the event but didn’t have the courage to join (only warriors like challenges, the rest like excuses)

>> Some joined and turn up and liked it (I don’t believe anyone who’ve been through it will dislike it. They may bitch and whine about it, but inside, I’m sure it was a good experience for them)

>> Some joined but didn’t manage to commit to wake up (they people need my warrior training, because in warrior Commitment means doing the things we say we will do, many people have cheap words and don’t fulfill their promise and that’s not warrior like)

>> Some joined and conveniently forgotten about it (again on Commitment, excuses not accepted or tolerated)

I was watching Igor, the cartoon with my brother few months back, and I said “Hey, all these animated films have in built lessons in them and that makes them cool.” He replied… “Are you sure they have lessons in them because you were looking for it?”…

Wow, I think it’s true. So in conclusion, there are lessons in everything we do, look for it and we shall find it. Look for yours and I look forward to hearing them.

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Meantime to more sales … with less effort! Cheers!

Sales Ninja Grandmaster

// Lessons From Running 11KM (with a twist…)
// By Hanzo Ng, Sales Ninja Grandmaster

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