Lessons From Gun Shooting In Bangkok!

Lessons From Gun Shooting In Bangkok!

Here’s the first gun i tried 9mm semi auto. Very powerful.


Besides the 9mm i tried as above, i also shot with the 45 caliber.
Anyway, here’s another one using a 38 special revolver.

Here’s the end result. Instructor said it’s pretty good for a first timer.

Hitting Targets

What did i learn from gun shooting?
Here are 10 lessons from the 10 Sales Ninja Codes:

Abundance: think it’s possible or easy. Even my wife shot some rounds!
Courage: everyone have some kind of fear/excitement when ever they try out new things, just step up and face fear!
Commitment: must have the strong desire and positive inner dialogue to hit the target! That’s what i said to myself when i step up to shoot, “hit the target”!
Contribution: shared some ideas with my brother and wife who also tried it! Telling them it’s fun.
Duty: don’t point away from the target! When ever you handle a gun, never point it to people, always to the target.
Focus: always aim at the target, the goal! Visualize hitting them! Besides me are a bunch of military guys practicing their assault riple shootings, which is very loud. Ignore them but be aware of them and just focus on my performance.
Honor: listened to my coach, respected his teachings and trainings!
Honesty: said to do it and did it!
Trust: trusted the trainings and also the guns to be working fine!
Improvement: always getting a better shot every time!

You should try shooting when ever you get the chance, it’s good experience.
I’ve also tried sky diving, fire walking, bungee jumping, i wonder what else can stretch my comfort zone?

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2 thoughts on “Lessons From Gun Shooting In Bangkok!

  1. Found this website from a friend (kevan). As a gun enthusiast, you forgot to mention one important thing which i think should be at the Commitment code; Follow Through…
    In order to shoot consistently and accurately, you have to follow through after each shot… Never point your gun away from the target after the trigger is pulled. Commitment is made before you pull and the trigger and follow it through after the trigger is pulled…

    My 2 cents opinion… hehe

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