Lessons From 3 NERDY Boys!

During lunch, 3 secondary school boys were sitting next to my table. They were speaking Mandarin so i don’t really know what they were talking about. From their looks, it was serious. They were writing, scratching and discussing on their exams. What i can tell is they were seriously helping each other out. I guess they were all helping each other to study for the coming exams. I think that’s admirable. I wonder if there are a lot of sales team out there helping each other out like those 3 boys? Sitting down, rather than talking negatively about ‘stuffs’, critizing how their managers suck or why the company is terrible – they sit down and brainstorm for ideas on how to improve their selling skills. Let us as sales leaders create more of these teams that lives the code of Contribution – service before self – assisting team members in need. Wouldn’t that be great? How many of these teams have you created? Let’s go…

Sales Ninja Grandmaster

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