It’s Back! The Sales Ninja Tactics Training

It’s Back! The Sales Ninja Tactics Training

Many sellers have trouble closing a sale because the buyers give them a hard time by complaining about their products, comparing with other similar products or even asking for a better deal even though you have given them your best deal.

This is a common problem among sellers as they tend to shy away, feeling intimidated or even lose their confidence after being confronted by such customers.

Therefore, many times, sellers give in too quickly to buyer’s demands therefore reducing margins and profits of the sale. Sellers are afraid of negotiation situation.

This is a powerful sales training that focuses on how to tackle extremely tough buyer negotiations, negotiate a better deal and CLOSE the sale.

Negotiating a deal can be very tough when you don’t have a structure and system to guide you, Sales Ninja tactics provide a proven and battled tested Sales Ninja negotiation tackling method that will enable any sales person to take ANY kind of negotiation.

Sales Ninja does this using 3 systematic ways

  1. One => Using negotiation warrior philosophies
  2. Two=> Identifying buyer negotiation strategies
  3. Three=> Utilizing seller negotiation counters


Most seller make the mistake of negotiating and negotiating without closure of the deal. Some trainers say that the deal will close by itself, yes some do, but how many really does?

If you don’t know how to POWERFULLY close the sale, what is the point of negotiation?


I got to close 3 deals worth RM 10 Million within a week. And it all happened after I went to Sales Ninja’s training.” – Mike Wong, Customer Relationship Manager, RHB


It is not too late to learn the arts of Sales Ninja. Learn the proven and effective ways to close a great deal. Stop wasting all your deals before learning this.  Sales Ninja Tactics will train you to be a world class sales closer


The upcoming Sales Ninja Tactics Public Training is on

April 17th-18th 2013 (Holiday Inn Glenmarie Hotels Kuala Lumpur)

We have limited seats for our public training. We will also select our participants as we want to ensure the quality of the participants that will benefit from this training.

Please check on the available seats. Click here for more details


Sales Ninja is confident with the training which is why we offer a 100%  money back guarantee if you feel that this training does not have value


For any special requests on customized group training, just send us a quick email to =>

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-Sales Ninja



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