Is training important?

Is training important?

Most sales staff cringed when you say the word ” Training” . It’s one of the most taboo word in the sales world.

Some how, it is instilled in their mind that “Why do I need training? Are you saying that I am not doing my job?”

There are other of areas of that training is important in any company. But is skill-sets or mind-sets training still important? Does it give an impact to the individual going for the training and ultimately towards the company as a whole?

Some spend thousands of dollars on training and yet they do not yield any results. This made them believed that training is no longer important because regardless of whether they send their staff for training, it only burns a huge hole in the companies funds. So instead of spending more money on a training that actually works, they just completely stop on training.

Slowly but surely, the team morale and knowledge starts to deteriorate and you are in-charge of a pack of Zombies.  Your results worsens and you have no idea what else to do.

That’s why training should be given credit when its due! Its something that nobody wants to admit.

Choosing the right training company is also a key essential for the success and the sustainability of the team.

Some people wants to save company resources that they actually cut cost and goes for the cheapest training company ever just to reach their KPIs. Cheapest courses sometimes does not equate to the ability to deliver break through results after training.

Some chooses the trainer because of how glamorized the trainer is and not on the experiences they have in a particular field, with its RA-RA style but then at the end of the day there is no follow-up training or even worst, there is no relation to the RA-RA style and the main reason for training.

Others prefer to go internationally acclaim trainers that have trained far and wide but do not have the know-how and understanding of the local market. This can be one of the factor that affect the results of the training, do not understand the market.

Training is always important regardless if you are doing great or you are deteriorating. That’s how a champion stays a champion!

It’s a matter of principal and mind-set to always keep improving! If not, you will get stuck in a loop hole of never-ending torment of bad sales results, bad sales teams and bad sales performance.

Here is a short list on why training is important for your sales team & company

  1. Right training gives your sales staff the vital skills and knowledge to sell your product or services
  2. It can be seen as you valuing your sales staff hence you would want to up their game and knowledge which results in staff retention & loyalty
  3. A competitive edge compared to your competitors!

Need we say more?

Send your sales staff to training. Appreciate them, nurture them and grow your sales team and out-beat that competitor of yours!


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