I’m Fed Up Of Selling. I Quit!

I’m Fed Up Of Selling. I Quit!

Your face is burning and steam is rushing out of your ears like a steam train struggling uphill. Frustration builds up when you put in the effort to sell something to your customers but they end up rejecting you over and over again. Genuinely, you absolutely know that your products will benefit your customer tremendously, but why is your stubborn customer not buying and yet so…. STUBBORN???

Here’s where you stop selling. Selling doesn’t seem to work anymore. Drop it and move on!


Here’s where most sales people unconsciously make this mistake, they don’t realize that customers don’t like to be sold to, instead they would rather want to buy from you.

Customers don’t like it when they feel that the sales person is trying to sell them something just because the sales person is trying to hit their target and just looking for commission.

3 Must Do’s On How To Stop Selling To Customers

1. Don’t Sell, But Make Them Buy

Customers will willingly buy from you if they personally want that product. What this means is, creating the situation where the customer realizes the need to have your product and is practically ‘begging’ to buy it from you.

This can only be achieved if you sell from their point of view. Talk points based on their best interest and how your products will benefit them and their business. Don’t mention about irrelevant things that does not benefit your customer like “I’ve just sold 20 of these this morning so you need to buy it”, or “We have spend 100 hours building this product and we have worked night and day just to complete it“.

These are irrelevant and your customers just don’t care. They only want to know how your products can solve their problems.

2. People Don’t Know What They Want

People don’t know what they want until you show it to them – Steve Jobs.

Sometimes customer think they know what they want. But if you talk to them more, probe and analyze their needs, you sometimes realize that what they want is not what they actually need.

Here’s what happened at Sales Ninja:

There was a case when a company contacted us and 3 other training companies to conduct for them a three-days training. The 3 training companies responded by pitching their three-days program. But, when we talked and analyzed their situation more, we realized that what they actually need is a one year sales solution program instead of a three days training.

We won a six figure deal.

The key is to find out their needs through proper probing techniques. Find out how we probe here

3. People Want Friendly Sales People

A smile softens a person. If you want your customers to like you instantly, wear a big smile. Even on the phone, put a smile although the person on the other end can’t see you. When you smile, your voice will sound more pleasant and the other person feels it. Likewise if you look grumpy, your voice will reflect your current condition.


The easiest way to close a sale is when your customer wants to buy from you and can’t live without your solution. To reach that stage, you need to see things from your customer’s point of view and provide solutions based on their best interests. Once they realize that your solution solves their problem, they are ready to buy.

In order to do it effectively, you need the right skills like probing and handling objections. You might realize that most of the time, you find that the traditional sales techniques that you’ve learn does not give you any results. That’s because you are using the same techniques as  hundreds of other sales people in your industry and you are just like the rest.

Sales Ninja is specializes training sales team to use unconventional sales techniques unknown to many. Using our secret Ninja selling techniques, you will capture attention, stun your buyers and successfully close the sale.

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