I Threw Away My Calvin Klein Jeans!

I technically did not throw away my Calvin Klein Jeans – i donated it away. I was sorting out my old clothes to see which one doesn’t fit me anymore. And one of it is a pair of CK Jeans waist 38. I was a little overweight few years ago, right now i’m at 34! A little fitter! Anyway, i could have kept my CK Jeans and told myself, hey! ‘what if’ i grow fat again, then i would need the jeans. But guess what? There is no turning back, look forward and go ahead.

There are some things that don’t fit anymore – have you gotten rid of it? There are some techniques that don’t work in this selling environment anymore – are you keeping it? There are some beliefs that are outdated in today’s world – have you changed it? There are some staffs that don’t produce anymore – have you fired them? There are some strategies that is not effective in today’s marketplace – have you innovated it?

Holding on things that isn’t useful is like holding on a ship’s anchor while the ship is sinking. Result = death!

Sales Ninja Grandmaster

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