I Got A Shock Of My Life When I Saw What He Is Doing With That Baby

I Got A Shock Of My Life When I Saw What He Is Doing With That Baby

Just last week I was at a petrol station and when I was just about to leave, The guy in the motorbike stopped at the next pump and what shocked me was, he was carrying a baby on the bike the whole time!

I thought that it was so risky to endanger your baby’s life like that. Why would anyone want to do that? But when I was driving back, I realize that the problem lies much deeper than that.

Assumption that things are going to be smooth

He could be assuming that everything will go on smoothly while carrying the baby. Probably, he just stays just down the road and assumes that nothing bad will happen to them. Sales people make this mistake too. They assume that once they meet a client, the client is sure to buy. But the painful truth is, your competitors are aggressive and they are waiting to steal your customers away.

Without proper follow up and selling effectively, this will definitely NOT go smoothly. If you want to win the sale from your competitors, sales people need to stop doing a sloppy job and assuming that sales will be closed by itself.

Being under prepared

If he had realized the danger of carrying a baby on a motorbike like that, it would have been better to bring his wife along to carry the baby or better still, leave the baby at home. A simple preparation like that could have saved him loads of regrets and pain if something horrible were to happen unexpectedly.

It is important to be equally prepared in sales as well. If a sales person is meeting an important client and does not really know his client’s industry or does not know his products well, it’s going to be a disaster. Spend time to study your customers industry, answers for potential objections you might get, products, and most importantly case studies of similar industries that you’ve sold to before the appointment.

Intentionally breaking the rules

Everyone knows that it is wrong to carry a baby like this while riding your motorbike. Worse still, both of them are not wearing any helmet. If ever a police officer were to catch them, he will be fined. Sales people sometimes break rules by doing unethical things like bribing, lying, over promising and under delivering just to close sales. They may get away with it once or twice but once caught, their career there is over and the company might fire them and even file a police report.

Professional sales people use advanced sales techniques that allow them to hit their sales targets, get repeat sales and best of all, sell and close sales from Extremely tough buyers without using dirty tricks. A real sales person do not depend on luck to get sales.

In sales, you cannot assume that sales will be smooth and customers will eventually buy from you, you cannot be under prepared and you cannot do unethical sales scams to close sales.

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