I Can’t Hear What The Leader Is Saying…

Was at the gym. Had a new instructor for the Tuesday class. I was doing the cycling class where the class is lead by an instructor that cycles with you from the front. The music was pretty loud and i couldn’t hear what the instructor was saying. You see in the cycling class, typically the instructor will give you instructions, like One Turn, which means more resistance or Racing, which means you go into a Racing position and cycle faster. But in this class, i couldn’t hear a single thing. So instead i ‘look’ at what this new instructor is doing and just follow. She stands, i stand, she cycles faster, i cycle faster, she adds resistance, i add resistance.

I think that’s a lot like what sales people will do as well. They don’t really do what the leaders tell them, they do what they see the leaders do. If the sales leaders say… use the crm, and don’t do use the data from the crm, the sales people won’t use the crm, if the sales leaders say… make cold calls, but they themselves don’t do it front of their sales people, sales people won’t do it, if sales leaders say… be more positive and spread enthusiasm and then they see their sales leaders gossip or talk negatively about the new product launched, they are going to do the same.

What are you saying to your sales team? MORE IMPORTANTLY….

What are you doing so they can emulate you?
Or what should you stop doing that is bad for the team?

Remember when you were a baby? How do babies learn? They ‘Watch’ what the adults do and they follow. That’s what your sales babies are doing as well. They Watch you and act accordingly. Do the right things today.

Sales Ninja Grandmaster

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