How To Stand Out Without Being Like Alvivi & Sex Scandals

How To Stand Out Without Being Like Alvivi & Sex Scandals

Have you been following this buzz about Alvin and Vivian? It’s been going viral and until today, you are still hearing news about it. Basically if you have not heard about it, it’s about Alvin and Vivian (a couple) who has been proudly posting up compromising pictures and videos of themselves on the internet.

Long story short, this couple got lots of publicity (practically everyone in Malaysia knows about this) but they have been receiving lots of negative feedback from the public.

It’s good to stand out. People will know you, know what you are doing and you’ll get free marketing. But, whether or not you are getting the right publicity is the main point.

How To Stand Out Without Being Like Alvivi & Sex Scandals

Don’t be like the others

Just yesterday, I heard Grandmaster Hanzo demonstrating to our new staff on how to do cold calling. He called a prospect from a very old database and when the prospect answer the phone, Grandmaster opened with:

“Hey Sally!”

Instantly the prospect will get the impression that you are an old friend and will reply with a friendlier tone. Most Fitness Centers or Credit Card cold caller will start off with “Hi, is this Sally?“. That’s boring. If you want to stand out, start off with a ‘Bang‘ (no pun intended).

Avoid price wars

Most sales people use price to close sale. By giving the best discounts, they think that it’s a win win situation for both parties. They’re wrong.

Discounts are the LAST thing you want to give to your prospects. So why shouldn’t you give more discounts?

    • customers will always ask for more next time
    • customers will compare you with other suppliers and ask you for even more discounts
    • you are losing commission
    • your company loses more revenue
    • it’s going to be a lose-win situation

Avoid price wars. Sales Ninja always use the PPSS method in this situation. Learn our PPSS method here

Use Psychological Techniques

Not many know this technique. Sales Ninja has designed psychological techniques that you can use on your prospects to get them to instantly like you (the best thing is, your prospects won’t even realize it!). Our Sales Ninja psychological techniques is effective even over the phone when you do cold calling. Download all our Psychological Techniques today..

Aggressive Follow Up

Follow up is the key to being noticed. How do you think your prospect can remember you if you only call him once? So, prospect and prospect. Set timelines to prospect the same person until you convert him into a buyer.

Prospecting is NOT:

” Hi Mr Lim, It’s Marcus here. Got any plans to upgrade your system?”

” Sorry, no plans at the moment”

“Ok, thank you. Bye!”

That’s just a wasted call. If you want to be the best sales person, there are more techniques you can use here. Be outstanding over the phone. Our prospecting techniques are the best and if you want to learn how we do prospecting, click here.

Be Fast

Sales Ninja works fast. That’s how we work. We have closed lots of sales because clients were impressed with our speed of execution and that’s what they want for their sales team. To be outstanding, impress your clients with speed. But, make sure you are sending the right information. Mistakes and wrong information makes you look sloppy.

Always Aim for #1

Nobody remembers #2. If you are not the best, then you are just like the rest. Make the effort to fight for that spot. Aim to be the best in your team, your company, your industry so that when a customer thinks of a particular product, they think of you first.


To stand out among other sales people, you need to do what they don’t do. Do what other sales people are lazy to do like follow ups, cold callings and etc. You can make it more effective by being different and learning new sales techniques. In Sales Ninja, we are Asia’s #1 Sales Solutions and we will always be #1!

Want to know how to be #1 in your industry? Contact us here

Kevan Phua is Sales Ninja’s Marketing Shinobi who specializes in online marketing and generating inbounds. He loves reading, spending time with his wife, daughter and definitely his car. Recently, he has been in the online shopping craze and he’s looking to buy a new cupboard to store all his new clothes.

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