How To Speed Up Your Sales Team To Super Performance!

Have you ever experienced this?

You are in a hurry, you drive faster than normal, you want to overtake all the cars that are in front of you BUT they tend to move slowly. You wonder why everyone seems to drive so slowly? Actually, they are just driving at the speed as they normally would, it’s just that you are driving faster and they seem to be slow.

So you want your new sales recruits to get up to speed fast but they don’t. So you want your existing sales team to close sales better and they don’t. If you want to speed up your sales team to super performance – there are four areas where you can train and coach to get better sales results.

1: Sales knowledge: are your team strong in highlighting the features and benefits of your products and services? Are they knowledgeable in the market environment and competitors? Etc…

2: Sales activities: are your team doing enough prospecting? Are they doing enough presentations? Are they sending the proposal out on time? Are they following up on their leads? Etc…

3: Sales mind sets: are your team motivated? Are they tough against rejections and objections? Are they positive? Etc..

4: Sales skill sets: do your team know how to ask powerful questions? Do they know how to create and strengthen the need of the buyer? Do they know how to sell value instead of price? Etc…

Besides the four areas to look at to speed up your sales team to super performance, there are also other critical areas to focus on – 7 other areas to be specific. These are all covered in our Sales Management training – Sales Ninja Shogun.  People who have registered this round includes new sales managers to CEO of a public company. Find out more about our public training

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