How To Ruin & Destroy Your Life…

I was watching The Perfect Getaway with my wife 2 days ago. About 15 minutes into the show some weird lines of color started appearing on the screen. Obviously something is wrong because… Few minutes later, the lines of color is still there! Seconds follow, the screen went black. And lights were up. People started to feel disgruntled. Some started cursing. Some making complains. Some turning their heads to look up to the projector hopefully they can see what’s going on (clearly none of which will help).

I was sitting there and told my wife that they are fixing it, so just wait a while. 15 minutes later, they are still fixing it. And i am hearing more and more whinings for every minute that passes. I told my wife, well, if these guys feel so irritated, they can either go whine to the cinema’s management, get out of the room or go get their money back, but instead… they stood there, did nothing, and whine. I think that’s what the majority of people do, they bitch and whine and do nothing, or should i say, they don’t do what’s necessary to produce a good outcome.

So i figure out, why not list out some things people do to ruin & destroy their lives? Here are some i can think of:

  • They bitch.
  • They complain.
  • They blame.
  • They make excuses.
  • They don’t take responsibility.
  • They mix with the wrong people.
  • They are negative.
  • They are pessimistic.
  • They are lazy.
  • They don’t take action.
  • They don’t grow.
  • They don’t improve their skills.
  • They are not grateful.
  • They are overly jealous.
  • They are extremely sensitive.
  • They take things too personally.
  • They expect everything to be perfect.
  • They treat other people terribly.
  • They don’t respect others.
  • They seriously belittle others so they feel good.
  • They bully others.
  • They see bad things in everything they see.
  • They procrastinate too much.
  • They don’t say thank you enough.
  • They drink too much sugar based drinks.
  • They eat too much unhealthy foods.
  • They spend more than they earn.
  • They distant themselves from the world.
  • They never admit something is wrong with their lives (or something needs improvement/change)
  • They spend more time on tv than books.
  • They spend more time gossipping than brainstorming ideas.
  • They hate everything and everyone.
  • They always want to act as if they know more than everyone else.
  • They steal, lie or cheat.
  • They always use words like should have, could have, might have, if only.
  • They play the victim role where things happen to them.
  • They develop the wrong habits.
  • They strengthen disempowering beliefs.
  • They program their minds with I’m not good enough and other crap.
  • They don’t listen to others.
  • They don’t think of the consequences of their action or words.
  • They can’t manage their emotions.
  • They don’t fulfil their promises or commitments.

A long list i know. If one lives the 10 Sales Ninja Codes – abundance, courage, commitment, contribution, duty, focus, honor, honesty, trust, improment – all the above won’t exist. Don’t ruin and destroy your life, do great things with it.

Sales Ninja Grandmaster

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