How To Remember Things You Read!

Have been asked by a participant at training since I read so many books, how do I remember the things I’ve read? Well, I obviously do not remember everything that I’ve read. But I do have some things I do to remember the things I want remembered.

  1. I underline things that are important.
  2. I write notes at the side of the paragraph or write them as topics, e.g. building value, etc…
  3. I always re-read item 1 & 2 before I continue reading. You know, sometimes you read one chapter and then continue the rest tomorrow? I always review before continuing.
  4. I always re-read item 1 & 2 immediately after finish reading the entire book.
  5. Whenever I read an important point, I stop and think “how  can I apply this”.
  6. I also blog about it.
  7. If possible I always teach it to someone.
  8. I don’t read to make myself fall asleep. I read when I’m awake!
  9. I always read in a quiet place. I know some people like music to be playing, but for me, quiet is good.

Reading changed my life, if you are already reading, great, if not, please begin. Have fun!

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