How To Get People To Change!

Just read an article from INC magazine about how to get people to change by Chip and Dan Heath, author of Made To Stick. It has some key ideas from their new book Switch, how to change things when change is hard. The link > Link.

Basically it says you got to change the environment to affect the behavior of the person you want to change. Which i agree. Social pressure is very strong. The classic model i use are results are produced by behavior. Behavior are governed by beliefs. And beliefs are shaped by the environment.





The author also suggest we want to change, but we also want to stay the same. It’s like we want to improve but doing something different is dangerous so we rather stick to what we know so it’s safe. They also mentioned make sure you don’t give the people you want to change too many things to do or just a big vision, make sure it’s executable, it’s doable.

I myself have a saying for that, “Mastery is not doing one thousand things one time – Mastery is doing one thing one thousand times!”. In my sales trainings, there are a lot of ideas but most of the time people who attend trainings don’t practice them, that’s because there are too many of them! So at the end of the training, i help them plan their skills development. You take one idea and you practice it for a month. Once you mastered it, then move to the next idea or skill, that way, they won’t be overwhelmed with too many things to do, which they end up doing nothing.

So you want to change without something drastic forcing you to do so?

Make sure you take one small step at a time – consistently & persistently!
Change, habits, skills are all developed this way, period!

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